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Flyback transformers are often found in the cathode ray tube screens as they require a high voltage.

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Haute Tension Flyback High Voltage

With a transformer flyback of this kind and a swinging like mine system, one can reach voltages output can go to thousands of volts. With a swing under 12V, it gets about 8 kV output.

My little editing works with a 555 Timer, a few resistors and some capacitors. When everything is connected as shown in the illustration, one gets to pin 3 of the 555 output, a frequency ranging from 15 kHz to 110 kHz. With a wide range of frequency like this, we can test different flyback. The flyback do work not all on the same frequency, that's why my oscillator offers a wide frequency band. In this way, you can test and find the best option for the output voltage.

For transferred energy to the flyback and increase voltage, turn a wire on the ferrite core attached to the flyback. Usually, 10 rounds are sufficient to operate the system. Once your flyback function, you can adjust the number of laps so that your transistor heats up less and have better performance in output.

Arcs are generally formed on the third pin from the right. You make your own tests!

Also, it is very IMPORTANT to the transistor on a heat sink. If your sink is not very large, install a fan to compensate. The system heats much! Under 12V, after 3 to 5 minutes, my heat sink became hot!

<--- Circuit Diagram

Check out my Youtube video: Haute Tension Flyback High Voltage