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An inverter converts a 12VDC power supply into 120VAC. My inverter is not very powerful, but with good components, it could become.

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The principle is to create a frequency and a voltage identical to that of the standard mains current. The mains frequency is about 60Hz. To create this frequency, basic components such as resistors, capacitors and transistors are used.

Then, to transform the voltage from 12V to 120V, you need a transformer with a ratio of 1:10. That is to say that for each turn of the wire, there are 10 on the other side. Also, you need a transformer with 3 wires output to allow the oscillation to 60 Hz. The principle is that each side will provide 12V 60 times per second. In this way, at the output, a voltage of 120 V AC is obtained with a frequency of 60 Hz.

My inverter is not very powerful but there are several ways to improve it. First, by taking a larger transformer, higher power output can be achieved. Also, by modifying a little the circuit, one could put 2 batteries in series to obtain 24V. So, by doing this, the intensity provided by the battery is halved.

The only problem with the inverter arises from the fact that the current consumed by the battery is considerably greater than that which would be delivered if the component were directly connected to the standard mains current. Thus, if I connect a light bulb to the current of the 120 V mains, the bulb consumes 75 mA for a power of 9 W. Placed on battery, the bulb will consume the same power, consequently under 12 V the intensity will be Of 750 mA is 10 times more than that delivered by the current of the sector. The power consumption on the mains is P = 120V X 75 mA = 9W, power equivalent to that consumed with the battery P = 12 V X 750 mA = 9 W!

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