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My PICKIT 2 Clone is a USB PIC programmer, one of the most known that can program virtually any PIC.

Check out my Youtube video : Programmateur de PIC Microcontroleur

It is built around a PIC18F2550. It is one of my most complex circuits. It contains several different components that play a particular role and do not change the value of these components otherwise the computer will not be able to detect the programmer.

With my PIC programmer without PIC, you can program the PIC18F2550 and use it in this circuit. So, compared to my other programmer, this one does not require an external power supply, because it uses the voltage of 5V that is found in the USB sockets. It is very important not to forget the capacitor of 10uF and that of 100nF between the positive and the negative disposed as close as possible to the PIC.

Two LEDs are used as indicators. The first serves as a power-on indicator, the purpose of which is to tell if the circuit is switched on and on. The second serves as a warning light and blinks when programming the microcontroller.

The inductor must be 680 μH. It is also possible to use one of 300 μH without problem. For transistors, make sure to connect them in the correct direction. This is very important or your programmer might not work properly.

I have equipped my programmer with a plug called ICSP. In-Circuit Serial Programming. It is used to program PICs when they are mounted in a circuit. So if you create prototypes, you can connect this socket and reprogram your PIC without having to disconnect it from your circuit.

The software used to program the microcontrollers is called PICKIT 2. You can download it on Microchip by clicking here or to have only the software click here. When you have downloaded and installed it, simply connect your programmer to see if it is working properly. If so, you should see this:

From there, you only have to create your codes and program them!

Check out my Youtube video : Programmateur de PIC Microcontroleur

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