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A PIC programmer is used to program a PIC by linking the computer and the microcontroller. My PIC programmer without PIC works with a "serial" socket on the computer. This jack is only present on desktop computers. It contains 9 pins. It should not be confused with the video (VGA) jack on all computers that includes 15 pins.

Check out my Youtube video : Programmateur de PIC Microcontroleur

This PIC programmer can program only a few PICs, especially the best known ones including the PIC16F84A and PIC16F628A. It can also program the PIC18F2550 which is used in my PICKIT 2 Clone USB PIC programmer.

Note that this programmer does not contain any microcontroller, so it is perfect for all those who start programming. In addition, the scheme is super simple, and requires only basic components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and 2 voltage regulators. The value of the components can be changed somewhat without problem, but be careful not to modify the basic schema too much.

Unlike my USB PIC programmer, it requires a 15V external power source in addition to the serial port. The circuit does not consume much energy, so I suggest a power supply of 15V / 500 mA.

The LED indicator blinks while programming your PIC. On the diagram, I indicate a PIC18F2550, but you can replace it with any other PICs that will work with this programmer.

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The software used with this programmer is called: WinPic800. You can download it by clicking here. It is important to set a particular parameter in the software. You must go to Setup> Hardware and make sure that the registered programmer is "JDM Programmer". Otherwise, select it.

Check out my Youtube video : Programmateur de PIC Microcontroleur