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A ZVS driver generate high voltages and of very high intensity unlike my Flyback high voltage generator where the intensity was low.

The ZVS driver is a simple project, but it requires the right components. Because the circuit consumes a lot, need components capable of supporting the intensity. 

For the mosfet, it is recommended to have a Vds at least 4 times the voltage as input. Usually, the mosfets that have a minimum 200V Vds should do the job. Also, these same mosfet must be smaller than 150 mOHM Rds. So I suggest you take the IRFP260N or the IRFP250, since these are the most used in this kind of project and it meet the minimum requirements.

Then, need you a capacitor. In the diagram, it shows 0.68 uF. Suggests to be a large capacitor or am several capacitors to the same value. During tests of the circuits, we note that the capacitor hot many, therefore using several capacitors, is better distributed heat.

Also, need you fast diodes. In fact, it is rather fast ultra diodes that have a maximum of 60 ns. In addition, it is recommended to take 400V diodes and more.

For food, I recommend 12V acid batteries. You can put up to 2 or 3 in series to have voltages of 12V, 24V and 36V. More increase you the voltage input, more intensity increases, so be careful with this type of battery. If the tension of these falls below 11.4V, your batteries may be damaged.


HKSS ZVS Driver :