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It frequently uses a led as indicator lights. It is also used in the games of lights, because there are any colors and it have a long service life.

Or in English, a LED light emitting diode is a DEL. It is the same as a diode! It has practically the same symbol. It is a diode that emits light. This component can be encapsulated in various enclosures so that light is emitted as accurate or not; squared, cylindrical to end round 3, 5, 8 and 10 mm diameter etc.

There are several kinds of LED. For example, there's the clear; What makes that they illuminate more accurately projected (). (More use in the play of light) And there is a more frosted; What makes the light emitted is more distributed and less intense in one place. (More use as witnesses)

The diodes are polarized, so they have a positive and a negative. It is essential to take account of the maximum intensity (normally: 5 to 30 mA for an LED low power and about 100 to 1000 my for a high power LED). To do this, you have to find calculated on the basis of the supply voltage resistance using ohm's law (Resistance = Volt/Ampere).