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In modern electronics, programming has taken on a very important place. It reduces the hardware electronics and performs the same functions in a software fashion. There are several programming languages ​​to program the electronics, but in my opinion one of the easiest languages ​​to learn is C. This is a language that is close to us since it uses English terms to control the different registers Of the microcontroller. I chose to build my programming courses with microcontrollers of the family of PICs (Microchip) since they are accessible microcontrollers at low prices and they are easily programmable with a conventional PIC programmer. Finally, I chose the MikroC PRO compiler since it is a free software that is suitable for C programming of PIC microcontroller.

By following the complete series on PIC microcontroller programming, you will learn more about the different possible applications to be realized with this type of microcontroller and you will be able to program other microcontrollers in the same language despite the differences in structure.

I have assembled in a training kit all the elements necessary for the realization of the assemblies that you find throughout my courses with the microcontrollers and the programmer indispensable for the programming of the PICs. You can purchase this kit by logging into my online store by clicking on this link :


List of all courses :

Lesson 1 The basics
Lesson 2 First project
Lesson 3 Input and Output (I/O)
Lesson 4 Controlling a powerful component
Lesson 5 Gestion du temps / Timers (Not translate yet...)
Lesson 6 Conversion Binaire / Hexadécimale / Décimale (Not translate yet...)
Lesson 7 Les Fonctions (Not translate yet...)
Lesson 8 La Simulation Logicielle (Débugger) (Not translate yet...)
Lesson 9 Convertisseur Analogique / Numérique (ADC) (Not translate yet...)