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There are several types and force of resistance. The best-known are those 1/4 and 1/2 Watt. When talking about resistance, one always speaks of OHM (symbol Ω). The ohm is the way to tell if resistance has a high or force. There is of course a range of resistance force. It starts at 1 Ohm and it makes up roughly 10 000 000 Ohms. Instead of mark 1000 Ohm, we can say 1 K Ohm. And it is the same for 1 000 000 = 1 M Ohm. Colors are used to distinguish the values of resistors. (See the table at the bottom of page) You can always check the value of your resistance with an ohmmeter! (Multimeter)

When resistors in series, one must add OHMS:

When you put 2 resistors in parallel, one should follow the following formula:

When is 3 resistors parallel or more, one should follow the following formula:

Table of colours for resistors